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What Does Our Wedding Event Package Include?

Elegant Suites

  • Bridal Suite Essentials: Features elegant mid-century modern lounge furniture, floor-length mirrors for final touch-ups, comfortable make-up stations, clothing racks and dress hooks for bridal attire, and a bar cart with a refrigerator for celebratory drinks.

  • Groom Suite Features: Mid-century modern lounge furniture for style and comfort, floor-length mirrors for a perfect look, a TV and refrigerator for entertainment and refreshment, complemented by a bar and clothing racks for a luxurious experience.


  • Catering-Ready Prep Area: Features stainless steel tables, a refrigerator, and a large freezer for ice, making catering prep smooth and efficient.

  • WIFI Connectivity: Stay connected with reliable WIFI throughout your wedding event.

  • Cocktail Tables and Stools: Includes 10 elegant black cocktail tables with matching bar stools for stylish seating arrangements.

  • Seating Comfort: 200 cafe-style wooden chairs provided for guest comfort and style.

  • Banquet Tables: 25 spacious 8-foot banquet tables for dining and displays + 15, 60" round tables 

  • Ample Restrooms: 6 restrooms available, ensuring convenience for all guests.

  • Reserved Parking: 10 parking spaces reserved for events on Saturdays and Sundays, adding ease for your attendees.

  • Climate Control: Full HVAC system to maintain a comfortable environment regardless of the weather.

Exclusive Venue Access

  • Extended Venue Rental: Enjoy 12 hours of event time, ensuring a relaxed and comprehensive experience for your special day.

  • All-Inclusive Venue Features: Full access to elegant lounge furniture, coffee tables, and atmospheric lighting, enhancing your wedding's ambiance.

  • Exclusive Bar Facilities: Benefit from an indoor 18ft bar and an outdoor 8ft bar, perfect for catering to all your beverage needs.

  • Private Outdoor Area: Our outdoor space, complete with market lighting, offers a charming setting for memorable moments and photographs.

Additional Services

  • Security Assurance: Includes 1 security guard for the safety and peace of mind of all attendees.

  • Professional Bartending Service: Provides 2 bartenders for up to 6 hours, with optional drink packages available at an additional cost.


Package prices starting from $7,500

* Packages can be added for valet

* Packages can be added for drinks 


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